The Beginner Cleanse is perfect for those who are new to cleansing.


The ideal blend of green juices along with roots & fruits to keep you satisfied all day long. This cleanse ends with our famously delicious almond mylk which is packed with protein, sure to keep you satisfied through the night.


A great choice for first time cleansers, athletes or individuals with higher caloric needs or those that are concerned with hunger. 

6 juices per day. 

  • 1-day cleanse: 6 16oz bottles 

  • 3-day cleanse: 18 16oz bottles 



1. Green Glow 

2. Golden Glow 

3. Burgandy OG 

4. Supreme Green 

5. Liquid Sunshine  

6. Horchata Mylk 

Recommended Additions:

1. Immunity booster 

2. Anti-Inflammatory booster


Beginner Cleanse

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Beginner Week
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$80.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • #1 Start eating raw fruits, nuts and vegetables 1-2 days before your cleanse. 

    #2 Drink a juice around every two hours to keep your body nourished with live nutrients. 

    #3 Sipping, not chugging, will allow for enzyme activation and maximum nutrient absorption. 

    #4 Stay Hydrated. We suggest drinking 16 oz of water in between juices. Feel free to add fresh squeezed lemon or lime. 

    #5 Walk, jog, do yoga, pilates or any other type of exercise. Sweating releases toxins and is part of the detox process. 

    #6 If you need an extra boost, add a couple more juices or opt for some of our raw snacks. 

    #7 Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. We know, we know, but just don't do it. If you must drink coffee, make it one cup of black coffee. However, herbal tea is a much better option. Avoiding toxins is key to maximizing the full benefits of your cleanse. 

    #8 After your cleanse, introduce raw fruits, vegetables, salads with clean dressings (flax oil, olive oil, lemon juice), nuts, and avocado. Continue to drink juice as you introduce solid food. Our custom 6-pack is a great option for this. 

    #9 Expectations? Everyone is different and will experience different results. Some may find it easy peasy while others find it a bit more challenging. Some may lose a lot of weight while others may not. The important thing to remember is that you are giving your body a deep cleaning by flushing out toxins while nourishing it with live nutrient and enzyme rich juice. In short, you are improving your health. 

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